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About the Creator

One thing I didn’t want to give up when I went Keto was being able to have treats every now and then, and of course that includes spoonfuls of cookie dough!  

I started trying different recipes and they all called for cream cheese, and to me didn't taste like cookie dough.  So I decided to start experimenting with my own Keto friendly creations and didn’t stop until I felt like it tasted like the real thing! 

Once I perfected the cookie dough with the least amount of alternative sugars possible (unlike what other recipes call for) I knew I was on to something and wanted to share it with the Keto Community! 

Every time I said, "Keto" it sounded like, "KeDough" and I knew I had to name it that.  

Stay Tuned

More flavors and products to come! 

- Cheri